Sunday, May 29, 2016

New adventure - Beijing!

Guess what: this summer I will be going to China! To be precise, I will join a summer school at Beijing University to follow courses in international relations and about the Chinese culture. I have never been to Asia, let alone China, so I am very curious about what to expect. I look forward to an experience full of colors, tastes and new cultures.

I am planning on photographing a lot (read: everything), taste new foods (no dogs or cats though), really trying to grasp the Chinese, or Beijing, culture, buying Chinese souvenirs, walking the wall, and seeing everything else the city has to offer.

Ella, from the instagram account @thisiseastbound has beautiful pictures which have made me even more exciting to travel east, here are some of her stunning shots:

If anyone has tips and what to (not) do in Beijing, please let me know.
I will keep you updated on my new adventures and I will try to write more often!
Lots of love X