Monday, June 22, 2015

Three Happy Things

Three things that can make your day.

1. Coffee. Hardly anything can get close to the joy that a good 'kopje koffie' can give me. I usually go for a latte. Amsterdam makes a dangerous place for coffee aficionados like me, since you can find the cool coffee places EVERYWHERE.
This was at 'T' @ de Roetersstraat in Oost (from Instagram: liekegty)

2. Good weather. And with that I mean sun, baby. It is such a difference whether I start the day in a sun-filled room where I can hear the birds sing outside or whether it is dark and rainy. There is a certain kind of joy in the air when it's a lovely day. As if Mother Nature is in love. *cheesy, but true*
Berlin! (from Instagram: liekegty)

3. Music. Just like coffee and nice weather can music bring me in a different state of mind. It is crazy how much emotion songs can capture and how they can bring back memories. Plus it can be so beautiful. Examples of songs that can bring pure serenity: 'Turn Away' - Beck, everything by Adiemus, 'Only Time' - Enya, 'Matilda' - Alt-J and everything by Angus & Julia Stone.
Music store in de Negen Straatjes (from Instagram: liekegty)