Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Room at my Amsterdam apartment

Hey everyone! I thought it was time to post again. As I've mentioned before, I'm studying and living in Amsterdam. I moved in here about two months ago, and this weekend I was finally done with installing everything in my room (bed, desk, closets etc.). Personally, I LOVE (interior)design. I have several boards on my Pinterest page where I get my inspiration: home is home (= interior design), home - exterior (=gardens/backyards/exterior house design) and home details (=home details, duh).

I also love photographing so I made the genius connection between the two and took some pictures of my room. I am sharing the apartment with my friend, so for now I just photographed my room. It is still not completely finished, I want some art/posters on my walls. So if any of you have suggestions, let me know! I was thinking about some XXL beatles / henri mattisse work -poster for above my bed, but I like to take my time for decision-making so I keep browsing Etsy, Ebay and Pinterest for ideas.

Room with a view, kind of.

Spot the bird.

Closets! I felt like a master after I installed them myself.

I love this drawer with mirror.

Bought this cute bag at the Field Museum in Chicago.

My desk, abnormally cleaned up.

You could say that I have a little stationary fetish. The red notebook is Moleskine and the planner is from Paper.

UKULELE, love it. And I bought that plaid in Mexico.

There is something about cute little lights.

Currently reading this book: Stoner - John Williams.

#bokeh #yolo

Today I've already spent too much time doing nothing/ watching YouTube videos/browsing other blogs while I actually have to work on my 4000-word paper. Yay... off working X


  1. I love your blog theme (especially the palm trees and title)
    That is such a cute apartment and accessorized so neatly// I love the little lights

    1. Thank you so much! :) Many kind words. X

    2. I also love the lights too! The add something special to a room :) x


  2. Such a great space! Love those magical little lights and that succulent plant too -been meaning to get some for around here.

    1. Ah thank you! Yeah somehow it can bring a lot of charm into a room. X

  3. Looks lovely and cosy :) I love the lights too :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  4. What a lovely space. I particularly adore the lights, bed area and clothing rail! Love it :)

    JOKSIE // <a hfref="http://wearemonochrome.blogspot.co.uk> </a>

  5. I'd trade anything in my life for a room with a view like that. Lovely apartment of yours!

    1. Makes me realize how lucky I am to live here! Thank you Nerissa, X