Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chloé + chill weekend

I am usually not the person who buys stuff impulsively or irresponsibly; financially seen, I am often really rational. This means that I'm not used to buying really expensive clothes or beauty products. Most of the time I buy my clothes at shops like Zara, Monki, Pull & Bear, Mango or H&M (how mainstream) and beauty products at the drugstore. But this time I decided it was time to spoil myself a little bit. I've been wanting to have a new perfume for a really long time after I use my very last droplet of my 'Harajuku Lover' fragrance, I put my mind on buying a new perfume. 

I tried some fragrances earlier these weeks, under more Marc Jacob's 'Daisy Dream' and 'Daisy eau so fresh' which I both really liked. Yesterday I went to Douglas to try out some perfumes and I discovered a fragrance I hadn't tested before and it was love at first smell: 'Chloé. So I put it on, but it was still a big step for me do buy such an expensive perfume (my sister was literally screaming at me for this haha). However.... next stop was the shop ICI Paris XL where I bought the perfume + body lotion in a very good deal (me like!). 

Such a classic fragrance

It is one day after I bought it now, and I am still a bit in love with it. No regrets luckily!

This perfume adventure took place in Nijmegen; a Dutch city in the east of the country. I was here for a short weekend with my family. We stayed in a hotel (with swimming pool, yay) and we went to a museum, had a nice dinner in the city and most of all: relaxed.
My break almost over! Monday, I will be going back to the stressful life of a student.
But hey, I still have my perfume.


  1. Love this perfume so much. *__*
    Have a nice sunday...

  2. At first I didn't like the fragrance. I thought it was too sweet and floral for my taste. But it has grown on me over the years. Now I can't go by a summer without it! ;)

    Leuk geschreven! ;)

  3. Fijn dat je er zo blij mee bent! :) Parfum is inderdaad best duur, ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar een geurtje dat ik zó lekker vind, dat hij al dat geld helemaal waard is, haha!

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

    1. Haha heel verstandig om er inderdaad de tijd voor te nemen! Bedankt voor je reactie, X

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