Friday, January 23, 2015

Making Choices


I believe that one of the most difficult things in life is making choices. Ever since growing up, we are expected to choose. Before a certain age, your parents are a big part of your decision-making, but when you are getting older, this becomes more of your own responsibility. As a teenager you have to choose what high school you want to go to, what classes you are taking, what to wear everyday, how to respond to situations, if you want to take a gap-year, if you want to go to university, what university you want to apply for and where...etc.

Luckily, I already have all those choices behind me. I am not sure if I made the right decision in all cases. When looking back, I might for example have chosen a different high school. However, (this is really cliché -but true) if I would not have made the choices I did and if I didn't experience what I have experienced so far, I would probably not be the person I am today. I am happy with who I am so in retrospect, I would have made the very same choices again.

Ruth Chang had an amazing TED Talk called 'How to make hard choices'. So inspiring! The point she arrives at is: When choices are really hard, so when neither of two options seems to have a 'better' outcome, we are not driven by reason to decide, but we define who we are by making our own rationale for the choice we made. Here is the video where she explains it:

Some of the choices I'm dealing with now are:
- Am I going to join a student group (/sorority) and if yes, which one?
- Am I going to look for a job? What kind of student job would I want?
- Should I do more things to meet new people?
- What direction am I going to choose for my study (politics/psychology/law/economics)?

"People say I make strange choices, but they're not strange for me. My sickness is that I'm fascinated by human behavior, by what's underneath the surface, by the worlds inside people." - Johnny Depp

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Room at my Amsterdam apartment

Hey everyone! I thought it was time to post again. As I've mentioned before, I'm studying and living in Amsterdam. I moved in here about two months ago, and this weekend I was finally done with installing everything in my room (bed, desk, closets etc.). Personally, I LOVE (interior)design. I have several boards on my Pinterest page where I get my inspiration: home is home (= interior design), home - exterior (=gardens/backyards/exterior house design) and home details (=home details, duh).

I also love photographing so I made the genius connection between the two and took some pictures of my room. I am sharing the apartment with my friend, so for now I just photographed my room. It is still not completely finished, I want some art/posters on my walls. So if any of you have suggestions, let me know! I was thinking about some XXL beatles / henri mattisse work -poster for above my bed, but I like to take my time for decision-making so I keep browsing Etsy, Ebay and Pinterest for ideas.

Room with a view, kind of.

Spot the bird.

Closets! I felt like a master after I installed them myself.

I love this drawer with mirror.

Bought this cute bag at the Field Museum in Chicago.

My desk, abnormally cleaned up.

You could say that I have a little stationary fetish. The red notebook is Moleskine and the planner is from Paper.

UKULELE, love it. And I bought that plaid in Mexico.

There is something about cute little lights.

Currently reading this book: Stoner - John Williams.

#bokeh #yolo

Today I've already spent too much time doing nothing/ watching YouTube videos/browsing other blogs while I actually have to work on my 4000-word paper. Yay... off working X

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chloé + chill weekend

I am usually not the person who buys stuff impulsively or irresponsibly; financially seen, I am often really rational. This means that I'm not used to buying really expensive clothes or beauty products. Most of the time I buy my clothes at shops like Zara, Monki, Pull & Bear, Mango or H&M (how mainstream) and beauty products at the drugstore. But this time I decided it was time to spoil myself a little bit. I've been wanting to have a new perfume for a really long time after I use my very last droplet of my 'Harajuku Lover' fragrance, I put my mind on buying a new perfume. 

I tried some fragrances earlier these weeks, under more Marc Jacob's 'Daisy Dream' and 'Daisy eau so fresh' which I both really liked. Yesterday I went to Douglas to try out some perfumes and I discovered a fragrance I hadn't tested before and it was love at first smell: 'Chloé. So I put it on, but it was still a big step for me do buy such an expensive perfume (my sister was literally screaming at me for this haha). However.... next stop was the shop ICI Paris XL where I bought the perfume + body lotion in a very good deal (me like!). 

Such a classic fragrance

It is one day after I bought it now, and I am still a bit in love with it. No regrets luckily!

This perfume adventure took place in Nijmegen; a Dutch city in the east of the country. I was here for a short weekend with my family. We stayed in a hotel (with swimming pool, yay) and we went to a museum, had a nice dinner in the city and most of all: relaxed.
My break almost over! Monday, I will be going back to the stressful life of a student.
But hey, I still have my perfume.

la lieque

Dear readers,

I changed the name of my blog from 'smiling koalas' to 'la lieque' because I wasn't really content about the name. My name is Lieke and in the French 'lieque' sounds like it so la lieque seemed a perfect name for a French language lover's blog.